Toys In The Addict

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Toys In The Addict

Cerebral invitations arouse your sleepy dreaming bed.
Awakening brings consequences filling you with dread.
Armed to waste the day away without any sense regret.
Inserting needle once again until the Spirits soul has bled.

Someone needs your help again though none that you can give.
Injecting yourself with misery has drained you like a sieve.
The disco ball no one sees spins for you again.
Socially you’re inept though you smile and just pretend.

Life’s crashing forward through slow motion suicidal blurs.
Teeth and veins rotted away while you look not disturbed.
Battling conscience inside with revolving hello and goodbye.
Ritually returning broken to the party inside your mind.

Keep pounding the devil’s door and someone’s bound to open an answer.
Ashen mistress calls beyond the grave and your turn to romance her.
Forget regret you’ve secured your fate with cunning deadly locks.
Foolishly ordering another round of reality on the rocks.

Randall Paul Prazuch
Copyright © 2011

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Randall Prazuch LOVES GOD THE FATHER ALMIGHTY I AM and HIS SON THE LORD GOD SAVIOR CREATOR JESUS CHRIST and all that encompasses THE HOLY SPIRIT and GODS WORD, family, friends, and helping the poor, the disabled, and the destitute. He is a cancer survivor since 1989. Randall has been an advocate for Medical Cannabis since 1989, and helps fight against unjust laws, especially as a member of and author for the Northern Wisconsin chapter of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws).

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