Wasted Time

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Wasted Time

Guess who came over to dinner again,
memories past embarrassing sins;
never far away just look deep within
reminding you with the deadliest of grins.

Guess who came back for the Holidays,
old pain is back to publicly dress your face;
no drug can destroy this sober place
reminding you with its blade carving embrace.

Guess who came appearing to the shinning mirror,
abuse you gave to others don’t look so bewildered;
hateful words like a killer do murder inside
reminding you next time to frankly reconsider.

Guess whose now back in your stomach again,
the mixture of drugs you’ve again taken;
searching your life for all things you’ve mistaken
reminding you now don’t come back here forsaken.

Guess whose screaming back in your mind again,
your failures and tears lie unburied within;
feel the gale force of your psychological wind
reminding you to be thankful for friends to help mend.

Guess whose back visiting in your dreams tonight,
worries and sorrows to cause you some fright;
sleepless and restless they grow with great might
reminding you nightly your desperate life’s plight.

The phone is ringing the doorbell is buzzing,
the window is rapping the alarm is sounding;
will anything change before you answer them all?

Randall Paul Prazuch
Copyright © 2011

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Randall Prazuch LOVES GOD THE FATHER ALMIGHTY I AM and HIS SON THE LORD GOD SAVIOR CREATOR JESUS CHRIST and all that encompasses THE HOLY SPIRIT and GODS WORD, family, friends, and helping the poor, the disabled, and the destitute. He is a cancer survivor since 1989. Randall has been an advocate for Medical Cannabis since 1989, and helps fight against unjust laws, especially as a member of and author for the Northern Wisconsin chapter of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws).

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