Ya Brah

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Ya Brah

The beach is all hazy
feeling lackadaisy;
firing up another round.

Fresh green or cured
eyesight’s getting blurred;
way before the noon waves pound.

Brah looks at me
getting ready for the Cup;
can smell the dank from here.

Cannabis overfills the rims
witness happy grins;
the giggles are easy to hear.

Another Jamaican dream ride
watching another joint being fried;
someone asks, “This is native, ya?”

With a red-eyed squinted grin
words paused are ready to begin;
“This is Maui Wowie!” ya Brah.

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Randall Paul Prazuch
Copyright © 2011

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Randall Prazuch LOVES GOD THE FATHER ALMIGHTY I AM and HIS SON THE LORD GOD SAVIOR CREATOR JESUS CHRIST and all that encompasses THE HOLY SPIRIT and GODS WORD, family, friends, and helping the poor, the disabled, and the destitute. He is a cancer survivor since 1989. Randall has been an advocate for Medical Cannabis since 1989, and helps fight against unjust laws, especially as a member of and author for the Northern Wisconsin chapter of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws).

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